Last update: Nov 10 2002

NewsSrv is a tool for downloading binaries on Usenet. It runs either under GNU/Linux or Windows 32bits. Its main feature is that it can be controlled remotely via a Web interface, currently written in PHP. It is based on a mySQL database. It is released under the terms of the GNU GPL.

Some news

As of 2008/02/03, the project moved to a Subversion repository instead of the old CVS one. The code has been hacked to work with newer versions of mysql++, PHP and MySQL. No new feature though, and I don't plan on releasing a new Windows binary.

It's alive!

At least, 0.3.0 is out... And for the occasion, the project moved to Sourceforge.

What's new

The rest of the news concerns only Windows users.

A tool to upgrade the database is provided, but I strongly encourage you to delete your old configuration and start from scratch, it isn't well tested...


Current version is "From Russia With Love" 0.3.0

See "what's new"

The download page is accessible from the Sourceforge project page.
Dependencies: you need, of course, a Web server supporting PHP (I use Apache) and a mySQL server. Windows users will have this in one package by using EasyPHP.
To build from source, you'll need some third-party libraries, namely: If you want to build from source under Windows, read this.


The Windows installer makes use of NullSoft NSIS.

On the way

Next version

Please read the README before sending a mail, it could save me some time...


NewsSrv will return in