Windows build from source

The only tested compiler under Windows is gcc-3.2, from the Mingw project.
You'll first need the Windows versions of the libraries. You'll find them on the various home pages, except for First download the Unix source for mySQL++, from the home page. You'll need version 1.7.9. Then, apply this patch, by typing
gunzip mysql++.diff.gz; patch -p1 < mysql++.diff
in the sqlplusint/ subdirectory, using a Cygwin shell... Edit Makefile.mingw32 to fit the mySQL include and lib paths. Copy libz.a from /usr/lib to sqlplusint/. Then type
make -f Makefile.mingw32
in a console, providing that the mingw32 executables are on your path (beware, mingw32's make has been renamed to make-mingw32.exe or something like this, you'll have to rename it before). Cross your fingers... This should build mysql++.dll...
If you successfuly built mySQL++, you now need to build and install CtrlWrap and Xmlrc (this one depends on libXml2). Put xmlrc.exe in a directory listed in your path; you're now ready to build NewsSrv...
First edit Makefile.mingw32 to ensure all paths are correct. Then type
make -f Makefile.mingw32
and hopefully, you'll have a running NewsSrv.exe...
Jérôme Laheurte, 10 Nov 2002